Ellie is passionate about the body and helping people. She has spent many years working with clients often when they have seen everyone but not found a solution.

Ellie initially trained using conventional methods but something didn’t feel right. She was focusing on the site of pain and although the treatments helped, the same clients kept returning. She thought there must be a better way.

“If we spend most of our time moving why is it that most people are treated on a couch?”

A chance meeting at a back pain conference led her to Gary Ward creator of the flow motion model who revolutionised the way she works. Following intensive training with Gary on  <a href=”http://www.findingcentre.co.uk/” target=”_blank”>Gary Ward’s course ‘Anatomy in Motion'</a> she now assesses and treats clients using a full body approach.

Ellie has not stood still with a thirst for knowledge she has continued exploring other leading edge tools and techniques such as Neuro Kinetic Therapy I, II & III as well as Spectrum Performance and emotional coaching. Ellie is also a qualified Stott Pilates instructor.

Ellie combines all these tools and techniques to provide a complete full body approach to treatment. This is centred around movement and tailored specifically for you.

Assessments start by analysing the body head to toe using state of the art assessment techniques and technology. Ellie is passionate about empowering clients. Sessions will require clients to move, not simply lie and be treated. Ellie’s approach helps clients take control of their bodies allowing them to fix themselves and not have to rely on someone else.

"This lady has the most astounding knowledge of the body as a whole and has made me think differently about everything I do without me even realising it. Thank you, Ellie!"

Carly Kent, Bishops Stortford