After ten years Vicky has finally got to the root cause of her lower back pain. Hooray!! As a pilates instructor she needs to be fully fit. She now has the tools to stay on top of her game.

Vicky, pilates instructor

Shirley suffered years of agony from her right knee. Her consultant advised she would require a knee replacement but she was sure there was another way – we helped her find it.

Shirley, Retired

After spinal surgery Loretta's movement was limited and needed a walking stick to get about. By assessing and working with her whole body we got to the root cause and now her life is transformed!

Loretta Battersby, Business Owner

Jane came along to the workshop on recommendation from her personal trainer, She was suffering with back pain and persistent aches, Three hours later, no more pain.


Annelise is a hip pain sufferer... by the end of the workshop this little superstar had moved herself into a balanced state, hugely reducing her pain.

Annelise McKay, Business Owner, 40’s