Henry’s Acute Back Pain Flare Up

Acute pain has to come from somewhere. When you only look at the site of pain you miss a trick. Look at the big body picture of how the body is holding itself to compensate resulting in the pain. Work back over the injury history, do the detective work and get to the root of the pain!


How Crutches Cause Compensations In Your Body!

I say crutches but it could very easily be any walking aids. The body works most efficiently when it is as close to balance as possible. Crutches, be it one crutch or two, will send your weight probably forward and one way more than the other to cope with moving you and your injured lower limb forward. Begining the process of the body creating compensations to keep you moving.


C Section Scars – How They Create Compensations In The Body

How C Section scars can create biomechanical compensations and pain in your body. Have you every had you scars checked when seeing someone for your pain?


Emotional Stress Creating Physical Pain

10 years of weekly headaches always lasting four days, solved with attention to both the mind and the body. A great example of how the physical and emotional are very intertwined.