Goodbye acute pain. The best thing? I’d done it myself. I didn’t need anyone else to fix me.

Elle X

You now know from Part 1 how my hip pain came about and how it was a symptom injury from a tiny twist to the ankle I had a few weeks prior. So what in the world did I do to get out of the pain? Let me tell you.

My aim was to get my left big toe back in contact with the ground. Without this on the ground I know my pelvis will keep twisting to the left and my right foot will remain more flattened and pronated.

I like to think of the feet a bit like tables. A table is most stable with four table legs. This is the same for the foot. If the big toe ball, little toe ball, the inside and the outside of the heel are all in contact with the ground, the foot and filtering up to all the bones and muscles in the body are also more stable and balanced.

Me losing the left big toe and big toe ball meant everything began to compensate for the missing point. Some muscles and joints were working harder some were working less.

Giving power back to the muscles

In Anatomy In Motion (AIM) we use 3 dimensional movements to move the bones of the body. I wanted to get my body weight right over the top of my left foot to open the joint space between the bones to give it more pronation (more flattening).

By doing this I was helping to give power back to the muscles of the foot, allowing me to keep my left big toe in contact with the ground. I achieved this with the use of some handy wedges which again help to open the joint space in the foot. Now my left foot had four points of contact (all its table legs were back), it allowed my pelvis to untwist and my right foot to be in a more balanced neutral resting position.

How I made this happen

I helped to achieve this all by working my way through a phase of gait (walking) called left suspension right propulsion. In this phase of gait it is all about getting the weight in to the left front foot whilst propelling forwards from the right back foot.

This is a full body move quite unlike conventional stretching, which allows you to move all your bones how they should at this point of walking. The moves require quality to create change in the body, so none of this “3 sets of 30” business. You need to be able to feel the quality of the moves you are after so it is more likely to be 5 -10 moves.

To sum up

In 10 minutes of moving my body how it should move,  it had become balanced again and the pain had gone. Goodbye acute pain.

– No massage

– No adjustments needed from a chiropractor or osteopath

– No foam rolling required

– No needles

The best thing? I’d done it myself. I didn’t need anyone else to fix me.

So if you would like to know more about learning how to balance your body, would like a body MOT or just understand how it works and compensates with injury please feel free to get in touch.

Until next time …

Knowledge is absolutely power but only when ACTION is taken


Ellie x

"I'm at the end of a long hard journey that I couldn't have taken without you and your wonderful knowledge - I haven't stopped blubbing since I got home - that breathing thing has made me feel like I've let go of something that's been keeping me down and I'm so so eternally grateful."

Business owner (Once held back by major neck surgery)

"Truly amazing! Ellies knowledge of the mind and body knows no bounds."

Mum (Once a hip pain sufferer)

"I am so impressed by the amount of mobility I regained so quickly. A set of well structured small achievable moves relieved a huge amount of pressure from my back. My issues were cumulative and had reached a point where I was struggling to move."

Accountant (Back pain was stopping her move let alone run)

"Ellie quickly assessed my whole body, my body’s history and posture and saw problems that I wasn’t aware of. These were causing the pain and most likely all the other previous ailments I had, all on my left side."

Business Owner (Once had long term hip and knee problems)

"I highly recommend Ellie, don’t wait until all other options have failed, go to her first. She will give you an honest answer about any pain in your body."

Business Owner (Once suffered with neck, back, knee problems)

"First time in so many years I have no back pain, it's such an amazing feeling and I love working with her."

Business Owner (Once plagued with years of back pain)