Feeling like you need to give those babies on the ends of your feet some love now? Check my video - Your feet will feel INCREDIBLE when you do this!

Elle X

22 bones in your skull, 33 bones make up your spine, 26 bones in each foot – 2 feet that’s 52 bones making up the pair!

Absolutely incredible. Did you have any idea? Now I know some of you will be thinking surely not Elle, mine feel like 2 planks of wood. Well yes there is and each of those 52 bones are designed to move in 3 ways.

Every joint in our body is designed to move forwards/ backwards, side to side and rotate both ways. Granted some bones move a lot more than others but all should move in those 3 directions. When bones move muscles, ligaments, tendons all have to adapt. In the words of my mentor Gary Ward ‘Joints act muscles react.’ We can go a level deeper, when we move joints organs, blood flow and hormones all have to adapt and change as well. After all everything is connected in a symbiotic relationship. (Hands up who hasn’t used that words since their biology days). Lets keep it to feet today (check out my blog on body mapping to find out more) after all they are the only things connecting us to the world.

Feet are our communication links to the world, I always think its crazy how we keep them confined in foot coffins everyday. Think about it that comfy padded trainer, killer heel or confined brogue all play their part in keeping the foot still, stopping it moving. *ALERT* – each foot has over 200,000 nerve ending per sole.

Feet are an amazing feedback tool for the brain, working out and adapting to the ground around us.

Have you seen homunculus man before? He is a representation of where our most sensitive structures are for feeding back information to our brains. Checkout the size of his … feet. When we keep our feet locked up and immovable in shoes we trap that extra powerful communication to the brain.

One more top tip, we are coming up to summer after all. When you go to the beach roll up those jeans, whip those shoes and socks off and go scrummage your feet in the sand. Walk barefoot on as many different textures as you can: tarmac, pebbles dry sand, wet sand, walk on grass on logs you name it try walking on it.

Until next time …

Knowledge is power only when ACTION is taken.

Elle x

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